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Customer Rewards Program

Customer Rewards Program

Crazy Feat has created a generous rewards program for all customers who trust Crazy Feat for their purchases.

Our team's goal is to add on the authenticity insurance of your favorite brands and a second benefit after your purchases, to enrich the unique shopping experience of our younger friends and reciprocate the loyalty of our customers.

The Crazy Feat customer reward program is valid either in the physical or in the online store www.crazyfeat.com

How does it work?

For each Euro of purchase, you automatically collect 1 point. By completing 200 points, on your next purchase you will receive a 15 Euro discount, regardless of the amount or the period.

How to get a Crazy Feat membership card?

Fill in, sign and send us the Personal Data Processing Consent Statement & the membership card will be sent to you along with the product you purchased.

How much does it cost to issue a membership card?

Crazy Feat bears the full cost of issuing and re-issuing (in case of loss) the card.

Can I give it away or share the membership card?

The card is personal, non-credit card, remains the property of Crazy Feat and is non-transferable. Also, it cannot be used jointly but only by the customer who signed the Declaration of Consent.

Contract modification

Crazy Feat, can modify at any time without prior notice the terms of acquisition of each card, as well as the privileges enjoyed by each member from its use.

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