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Country of Origin: Italy (1990) - It's the Breathable Shoe!

The company was founded in the 90's and specializes in city shoes, Geox is known for its famous sole that allows the foot to breathe. This revolution in the shoe world stems from the introduction of rubber use in shoe soles 50 years ago. Absolutely waterproof, these soles had a serious drawback: they did not allow the foot to breathe. The inspiration for the Geox revolution: Mario Moretti Polegato, who had the idea during running to pierce his shoes in order to escape heat and sweat. He returned home and deposited his first patern, which was perfected by the addition of a membrane made of microporous material: this material absorbs the sweat as steam and expel it outside the shoe, remaining waterproof due to its tiny pores, which are smaller than a drop of water but larger than a steam molecule. As the thermographic test shows, a foot in a shoe in a classic sole conceals higher temperature than in a shoe with a Geox sole. The Next Challenge for Geox: Invading the Sports Shoe Market!

Aerontis ™ is the technology of perforated outer sole: Geox has replaced classic holes with large holes, protective grid, full-size membrane and special lining with airbags to guarantee increased breathability for the feet. At the same time, the outer sole is waterproof thanks to the introduction of a special waterproof and respiratory membrane. It's the breathable shoe!

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